取消支持 Apache HTTP 客户端

Android 6.0 版移除了对 Apache HTTP 客户端的支持。如果您的应用使用该客户端,并以 Android 2.3(API 级别 9)或更高版本为目标平台,请改用 [HttpURLConnection]( 类。此 API 效率更高,因为它可以通过透明压缩和响应缓存减少网络使用,并可最大限度降低耗电量。如需继续使用 Apache HTTP API,您必须先在 build.gradle 文件中声明以下编译时依赖项:

android {
useLibrary 'org.apache.http.legacy' }


Android 正在从使用 OpenSSL 库转向使用 BoringSSL 库。如果您要在应用中使用 Android NDK,请勿链接到并非 NDK API 组成部分的加密库,如。这些库并非公共 API,可能会在不同版本和设备上毫无征兆地发生变化或出现故障。此外,您还可能让自己暴露在安全漏洞的风险之下。请改为修改原生代码,以通过 JNI 调用 Java 加密 API,或静态链接到您选择的加密库。



  1. Ion - Good networking library for android.
  2. OkHttp - An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.
  3. Asynchronous Http Client - An Asynchronous HTTP Library.
  4. RoboSpice - Library that makes writing asynchronous network requests easy.
  5. IceNet - Fast, Simple and Easy Networking for Android
  6. Android Volley - Official Android HTTP library that makes networking for easier and faster.
  7. IceSoap - Easy, asynchronous, annotation-based SOAP for Android.
  8. node-android - Run Node.js on Android.
  9. HappyDns - A Dns library, user can use custom dns server, dnspod httpdns. Only support A record.
  10. RESTMock - HTTP Web server for mocking API responses in Android Instrumentation tests.
  11. AndroidNetworking - Android Networking is a powerful library for doing any type of networking in Android applications.
  12. Packetzoom - SDK for optimizing HTTP requests and free analytics service for networking.


  • Retrofit - Retrofit turns your REST API into a Java interface. 支持 Rx.